Part 5: Our Activity

Activity Details


Will you make posters?  Post to social media?  Create an event or Instagram feed?

Raw Materials:

What supplies do you need for your activity?  Are you creating something?


Are you making a presentation for your pitch and/or final activity?  Do you need permission to show a movie, or play a song?  Do you have access to the right equipment?


Are you creating something for your activity?  Making a product to sell or showcase during your pitch (prototype?)

Draw it out!

Sketches, designs, posters, etc.  Create some rough ideas to help you plan.


Part 5: Our Activity


Creating a budget is an important part of your activity.  It helps you prioritize what is really important to your activity, and how you feel it should look/feel/happen.  First, create a “dream” budget where you don’t limit yourself.

Then, relook at your budget with a realistic “lens” to see what might be nice to have but not necessary.

Part 5: Our Activity

Planning our Activity

How will your chosen idea benefit your community issue and chosen organization?

Create a timeline for your activity, using steps.

What are some important elements to consider when planning your activity?

Some things to consider:

  • Budget
  • Advertising
  • Food
  • Raw Materials
  • Construction
  • Product Design
  • Signage
  • Audio-Visual Creation