Answer the following questions in the form of a reflective paragraph.



Socialpreneurship is the combination of many skills and attributes, taking an entrepreneurial mindset and combining it with an philanthropic viewpoint.

  1. How has this project broadened your prospective on the needs of your community?
  2. How do you connect with the community issue your team chose?
  3. What would you do differently if you were to begin the project again? Why?
  4. What will you do, looking forward, to continue to positively impact your community? How will you continue to share about your community issue and organization?
  5. How did the overall project change your worldview? Why?
  6. How does this link to your Core Competencies?
    1. Critical/Creative Thinking
    2. Communications
    3. Social and Personal

Include three things that you plan on doing moving forward to continue to make your community, country and the world a better place.

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