Part 3: Philanthropy

Exploring Charities

To understand more about how charities utilize donations, research and define the following term: Stewardship.

The website, “Charity Intelligence” is a good starting point when you are looking at the background operations of local non-profits and charities.  For this activity, have each group member choose and research one charity using Charity Intelligence as a resource.

Using the Charity Intelligence website, fill out the form on the following page in order to compare and contrast a variety of Canadian charities and non-profits.  Download the form here: Charity Compare

Charity #1 Charity #2 Charity #3 Charity #4









Services Provided  







Where do they spend the MOST of their funding?  








How would $2000 be spent?  







What is something interested about how they use their money?  







Would you donate to this charity? Why or Why not?  








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