Part 4: Our Organization

Brainstorm: Finding Ways to Help

Now it is time for your time to find ways that you can help your organization.  First, you need to determine whether your organization requires help with awareness or help with funding, or both.

  1. Awareness, Funding or Both
    • What do you feel that your organization needs the most help with and why?
  2. What are some examples of activities that your organization has done in the past for:
    • Awareness?
    • Fundraising?

As a team, have each member brainstorm an activity that will either raise awareness, funds or both for your chosen organization.

You will need to include the following for each idea:

-A brief explanation of your activity, including the general concept (e.g. sell cookies) and the time and place (Outside the local hockey arena on a Saturday morning)

-The rationale of the overall idea (Selling cookies outside the arena on a Saturday will connect with a variety of families travelling to and from practices and games)

-Extra details of the activity (we will bake cookies using organic ingredients, with supervision from a parent with foodsafe)


Idea: Rationale (How/Why) Extra Details
Idea #1    
Idea #2    
Idea #3    
Idea #4    

After completing your chart and discussing as a group, what idea will you be selecting?






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