Part 6: Our Presentation


Organization Name: ___________________­__ Community Issue Addressed:___________________

Download PDF: Pitch/Presentation Criteria

Note: Presentations are meant to be 5-8 minutes in length. Videos used in presentations should be original creations by students.  Limited use of professional/charity-produced media is permitted, but whether their use was effective will be at the discretion of the judging panel. Very
Effective Neutral Not


Content of the Presentation – How Effective is the Team at:
­Connecting with the audience and judges
Clearly explaining the community issue and how it impacts those who live and work in the community
Demonstrating their knowledge of their organization:
-Services and activities
-Financial stewardship of the organization
-The benefits the community receives from the organization
Explaining their activity and how it aligns with the organization
Demonstrating how their chosen activity will work, with clearly laid out plans for its execution
Presentation Skills
Does the team make a passionate case for their chosen issue?
Is the presentation clear, effective and well-structured?
Have they effectively added creative elements to their presentation?
Do the speakers speak with clarity, confidence and enthusiasm, using eye contact and body language effectively?
Are all team members actively involved?
Overall Impressions:






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