Part 2: Community Issues

Exploring Community Issues

Answer the following as a team:

  1. The community issue we chose is:
  2. This issue is important to our team because:
  3. How this issue impacts our local community:
  4. Who/What is impacted by this issue in our community?
  5. How is our community impacted by this issue in the short term (days or weeks)?
  6. How does the issue impact individuals, families and/or the whole community in the long term (months or years)?
  7. Name some specific examples of ways this issue has impacted our community:
  8. What causes or caused this community issue?
  9. How does this issue currently connect you your team?
  10. What is one change a person can make to everyday attitudes or behaviours that would help address the issue?
  11. Find and list the names (as many as you can) of charities, businesses or organizations in your local community that are already working to address your community issue.



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