Part 2: Community Issues

Community Issue Mini-Presentation

Presentation Guidelines:

  • 3-4 minutes in length
  • Visuals (poster, video or Keynote/Powerpoint/Prezi)
  • Students should present on their community issue with facts, examples and causes. They can also highlight what is being done to support the issue.

The peer feedback form, group and self-reflections should be used as tools to help groups build better presentation skills for their final presentations/pitch.

Feedback Checklist:


The team discussed how the community issues links to their group.


The team explained the cause or causes of the community issue


The team explained how the issue impacts the community on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.


The team explained how the community issue relates to other issues.


The team described what companies or organizations are doing to help the issue.


The team described how someone could help change the issue.


The whole team participated in the presentation.


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